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RTOU Residential - Time of Use (Closed)

  • Most impact
  • Big impact
  • Normal impact
  • Small impact
  • No impact
Time Of Day
Peak times during the day are more expensive than off peak.
Avoiding big peak usage items, or consider a non-Time of Use plan.
Seasonal Rates
Some price differences between the seasons.
Know your plan's seasons & watch your weather and thermostat.
Consumption Costs
Your costs vary with your total power use for the month (kWh).
Check if you have tiered rates and be aware of tiers with high prices.
Requires Some Attention
Balance savings and simplicity.
Good for most. Consider a time of use rate if you have flexibility.
No Demand Spike Rates
Surges do not affect your bill.
Concentrated or spiked usage is not an issue with this plan.
* Based upon the average electricity usage of residential customers in Fort Collins, CO 80525 served by Xcel Energy - Colorado

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